Stories from the Babysits community

I have found few babysitting thanks to this website. As I don't have a reguler schedule, I just check parents needs at the last moment, and as of now it has always been working well ! I would definitely recommand Babysits.

Kilian, Bridel

This website was a great way for us to find babysitters. It's very easy to use. Through this site we now have two babysitters who both come occasionally to babysit our two sons. They really enjoy playing with them.

Penelope, Luxembourg

I tried to find babysitting via different ways, mais the best is for sure Babysits ! I signed up online, and within two weeks, I was having my first babysitting with a great new family, I am really satisified with babysits services.

Julia, Mersch

I was looking for a nanny to babysit my little girl after her school day, and I found Emilia, a smiling, responsive nanny on the platform. Thanks to the recommandation available on her profile, my choise was not complicated. Than you Babysits!

Sarah, Hesperange